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Cellar | Basement Conversions

Increase your living space effortlessly with cellar conversions

Increase your living space by converting your cellar

The conversion of an existing cellar into dry storage or living accommodation is an option that more and more property owners are following.  All cellars, however damp, can be converted into dry, usable rooms for increased dry storage space, or for domestic living use such as a living room, bedroom, study, etc.

How do we do it?

The method we mainly use is to apply a plastic cavity drain membrane to walls and floors which, if required, can be linked to a drainage system and sump pump. We also, however, have paint on applications which are good for storage areas.

We can carry out the complete conversion for you from start to finish including advising and helping with any necessary planning or Building Regulations Approvals.  We can also, if you wish, work in conjunction with you or your Builder and carry out just the technical/waterproofing side of the works.

Make an appointment and find out more…

If you are interested in converting your cellar.  We can visit you, inspect the cellar, discuss your requirements and then provide a specification for all necessary works with costings.